Pampered DOG

Ideal My Dog Has Fleas Game is a timeless classic! Players place a flea on Itchy the dog's back and then turn his tail to see if a flea jumps off. If a flea flees during your turn, it's yours. The object of the game is for all your fleas to stay on Itchy's back. The lucky player who ends up with no fleas left at the end of their turn wins the game! This game is designed for two to four players and includes a 15 inch long Itchy the dog with rotating tail, four red fleas, four green fleas, four yellow fleas, four blue fleas and instructions. Recommended for children four years of age and older.
Dogs of War Core Board Game
As a newly hired thug within the Triad organization, Wei must do whatever it takes to stay undetected and survive, balancing his moral duty as a cop with the objectives of the assignment. In order to ascend the ranks of the underworld, gamers will engage in visceral, fast-paced martial arts combat and explosive gunfights, along with high-octane driving sequences and acrobatic free-running chases as they go deeper and deeper undercover.